Feel confident in your parenting while building a great connection with your child

My latest ebook, The No-Conflict Family Meeting Guide is a valuable parenting tool you can implement right away to build a stronger, healthier relationship with your child.

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Are you experiencing some or all of these feelings as a parent?




Not to mention anger, frustration, and insecurity

We understand the struggle!

We know the challenges of parenting. It’s often confusing and dispiriting to keep falling into the same conflict traps with your child. Let this ebook be a guide to help you...

  • Handle any issue that comes your way 
  • Eliminate power struggles once and for all 
  • Build a successful family culture 

Solve your parenting struggles and build an unbreakable connection with your child!

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Meet Kimberly Hackett, the author!

 Kimberly Hackett, the founder of Parenting You First, has decades of experience as a licensed adolescent/family therapist, school counselor, and parent coach. She is the parent of 4 grown children and lives in both Vermont and NYC. 
"I wrote this book with the mission of empowering parents to transform their world by building deeper connections with their children. I strive to bring warmth, experience and understanding to each interaction. With that, I am committed to strengthening the parent-child relationship, which starts with being there for parents first, so they can be there for themselves first."

What parents are saying about the ebook

"Parenting You First is focused on me and not the kids. That's what appeals to me about it. There’s always two things going on. The relationship is not only one-sided. If I'm expecting my son's behavior to change, I need to look at my own behavior. It’s amazing how often reactivity is happening, and to work on realizing that, and trying to get to the root of where those feelings are coming from is what Parenting You First is about. 

- Emily - mom of 2
"For me, the best part of Parenting You First is Kimberly's fun and approachable teaching style. I've been to a few other parenting workshops over the years, and sometimes the instructors are a little . . . dry and stuffy. Kimberly listens intently and distills what you're saying quickly and concisely, and never seems to bat an eye at whatever might be hanging us up. She makes you feel normal, even in your most vulnerable moments."

- Abby - mom of 2
"Parenting You First is not about trying to change your kids behavior. It is about noticing your feelings and reactions, sitting with and learning from them. It is challenging rewarding work and Kimberly is an incredible coach. Her expertise, compassion and belief in parents helped us feel confident and supported in this work. I believe this is valuable work for every parent who is willing to look inward to support their own personal growth and their growth as a parent."

- Robin - mom of 3

These parents got amazing results from the No-Conflict Family Meeting Guide and so will you! What are you waiting for?

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